Urban transformation at studio Nasadil-Duba


The site is one that is to become the social cultural centre of East Leipzig. The projects should explore this potential in line with the studio objectives. The former industrial compound includes the decayed listed building of the Fortuna Cinema, which is much planned to be regenerated for community cultural use. The transformation is widely suported by the local civic association, as well as neighbours. Students will work with the entire site complex, the cinema being the central catalyst of its communal life.

The task is to propose new structures, additions or infills, respecting the heritage value and beauty of the existing structures. Adding positives to its value, rather than harming it. The ultimate project aim is to understand that limits are positive contributors to the architect’s work and working within historical context is an essential part of many projects in practice. To demonstrate the process most work will be done with physical models and hand drawings with strong emphasis on sensitive and inventive design concepts. However the project is programmatic, urban as well as architectural.