Jan Kaplický Exhibition

This exhibition of Jan Kaplicky’s work is located on the first floor of the dancing house. The exhibition is held to mark the 80th anniversary of the birth of Jan Kaplicky and commemorate his world-renowned work in architecture. It covers several rooms showcasing his designs with models, drawings, photos, quotes. A visitor gets a good insight into the background of Kaplicky’s work and his creative thought process behind some of his most famous designs. There is also a small section dedicated to the work of his father and mother and their influence.


Some of Kaplicky’s work has been criticized, and ridiculed because the buildings he designed didn’t match the surrounding architecture of Baroque, and Rococo buildings in Prague and all over Europe. His work was futuristic, different, and revolutionary. He worked with shape, structure, and ecosystem of a building rather than following rules. He wanted his projects to be elegant, pleasing to look at, and energy self-sufficient. He designed groundbreaking works of art and this exhibition is a must see to get a glimpse inside Kaplicky’s creative process.