Schindler-Fessler studio and their take on Fortuna Cinema

1st, 2nd and 3rd year students each began with their own type of analytical introductory task, which set the stage for their semestral works…  Keep posted for images of students’ progress

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The semester project is located within the building and area of the abandoned Fortuna Cinema, itself one element within a former industrial enclave, the scale of two city blocks, in Eastern Leipzig.


The general scope of the project is the reconstruction of the Fortuna Cinema building for a new, ideally 24-hour use, with added social and cultural activities, towards the benefit of the surrounding area as well as the city-at-large. The potential to expand the building envelope, establishes a condition of dialogue between existing+new elements, and allows the introduction of added programs+functions in relation to the environment. While the particularities of the program are defined by each student , all projects will establish a new cultural center in the form of a Theatre… 



A range of project tasks are given at regular intervals, every two weeks, leading students through a conceptual design process in order to generate design ideas from multiple perspectives…