Lars & Student Senate


ARCHIP currently has a student senate made up of 5 members. The group serves as a communicator between the students and office administration; they listen to the needs, and feedback either positive or negative and relay that information to the office. The aim of student senate not only deals with problems but to bring harmony between professors, staff and students. Within the Senate there is the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations, which is Lars’s role. “I joined it because I thought Archip lost the family feel it had before because more and more students joined and I’m trying to bring back the soul of Archip that it used to have when I started here” says Lars. Students can come to him and he’ll listen their concerns, questions, feedback, or anything else, which he then passes on to the office administration. Student Senate meets every Tuesday for a weekly meeting where they discuss the biggest problems or concerns and find solutions. Then twice a month they meet up with students for an open discussion.

Every member has a goal that they feel needs to get done or resolved at Archip by the end of the semester. This is something that will help Archip as a growing school and in the long run. Lars’s is to make the communication between the office administration, student senate, and students more translucent. He is working on an easier communication pathway between everyone at school. A huge accomplishment that student senate tackled this semester was problems with the Internet. It has been difficult in the past but this year they worked on bringing in an outside source to improve it, and ensure a stable network now.

Archip is an every growing school with more students attending each year. Student Senate tries to provide a friendly atmosphere and revive the feeling of a community. They organize parties at Archip for interaction between students and teachers. This provides the opportunity to meet new people, and foster more connections. For future plans they are trying to communicate with other universities so the network is broadened and can enlarge the community. Currently they are working on going to buy a Christmas tree for the party at Archip on Decemeber 16th they helped organize. The idea behind it is that every one who comes will bring food native to their country as an admission fee.