80% presentation at studio Nasadil-Duba

Students explored the site, studied its historical, urban and progammatic context within East Leipzig. The first years particularly focused on the two dismantled gasholders, located at the east part of the Fortuna site. Students proved their creativity and transformed the mysterious circular structures into a multipurpose spaces dedicated to a local community. Gasholders served them as a framework, boundary, an inspiration and a source of limits for their work and ideas.

Significantly more complicated task was assigned to the rest of the studio. Based on the general understanding of the broader context, students had to invent a new progamme for the whole site. Most of them focused on the programms that supports the development of the neighbourhood, which is rather problematic at the moment.

Students demonstrated the process through the presentations and discussed their proposals thoroughly with the jury, consisting of Regina Loukotová, Linda Zein and Vojtěch Malina. We want to thank you all for a stimulating debate, that unveiled a lot of new perspectives that will hopefully help all of us to better understand our ambitions.