National Technical Museum Architecture Exhibit

For our first exhibit we visited the National Technical Museum of Prague. This exhibit stood out to us for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a short walk from the ARCHIP headquarters, therefore, it was convenient being able to walk down the street and view different buildings and structures on our route to the exhibit. Second of all, the National Technical Museum has a specific area dedicated to Architecture, Construction and Design. Having a specific area designated to architecture we were able to get a better idea of Pragues architectural background. We recommend visiting the National Technical Museum for people of all ages and interests, they offer descriptions of exhibits in English and in Czech so most everyone can gain information about the exhibit. The National Technical Museum also is very affordable and offers discounted admission (50CZK) on certain dates. Although we recommend spending time in the Architecture area of the exhibit there are also many other areas that can be explored such as Astronomy, the Photographic studio and many more. Overall, the National Technical Museum of Prague was a great experience and we recommend it to anyone visiting Prague and even residents of Prague.