Professor Interview and a look at Critics

I had the pleasure to sit in on a class session where the architecture students were presenting their work to a panel of “critics” in order to get feedback and find ways to improve their designs. This session consisted of the students presenting their work in the form of drawings, scale models, aerial view drawings, and digital images. They were asked to explain the logistics of their design, where it would be located, how much it would cost, and the practicality of it. The student would first present their ideas to the class and then open up the floor to the professors’, or critics’ perceptions, suggestions, thoughts, and comments about the project.

I was also able to interview one of the critics at this panel, Michal Palascak (pictured below), who is also a studio leader at Archip. He explained that he became interested in architecture when he was 15, after taking a sculpture class, and he decided to start practicing architecture after that. He became involved with Archip through a family friend who got his help into building it up to what it is today. For the last part of the interview, I asked Michal what he thought of the evolution of architecture from the past to the present day and he explained that architecture is more difficult to define now than it was before because it became “lost into becoming more design than architecture” and that he wants to “go back to the roots of architecture”.