Bistro 8 Visit

Bistro 8. An elegant, clean and progressive place to say the least. Prior to attending Bistro 8 I had very little expectations because I had never heard of the establishment. Upon arrival, it seemed like a nice area to meet up with a friend and/or classmate and grab a bite to eat and drink a beer, but little did I know that Bistro 8 is the where all the college age students are at.

Once you enter Bistro 8 you are greeted by a very simple, straight forward menu. Granit nothing grabs your eye right away, but the subtleness of the white chalk against the black chalkboard is exactly what the consumer wants in this day in age. Personally, I can’t stand when I enter a restaurant or bar and the first thing I see is big, bright advertisements almost taunting me saying “if you don’t purchase me then you don’t deserve to be here at all.” Bistro 8 is quite the opposite, with its quaint lighting and soft white walls you feel welcomed rather than overwhelmed.

This fine dish is one of many options Bistro 8 offers, although I don’t name of this tasty looking treat I can tell if I ate one, I wouldn’t stop.

Therefore, I decided to go with the old reliable and grab a beer. But after my visit at Bistro 8 it was clear that if you’re trying to either get homework done, grab a quick bite to eat or potentially go on a date, Bistro 8 is just a short walk away from the ARCHIP facility. (WARNING, be careful what time of day you go because it was hard to find a single seat due to its popularity).