Architectural Institute in Prague has been constantly growing since its establishment in 2011. The long-term vision is to increase capacity up to 150 students and to relocate from rented space to its own premises. New ARCHIP building shall satisfy specific needs of this college and offer opportunities for further expansion or adjustments. Above all it should provide adequate facilities for architectonic education on the highest level and you will design it.

An empty cargo ship Europe IIb will serve as a substructure for the new construction. This standard type of a non self-propelled river barge will be anchored between Negrelli´s viaduct and a ferry stop next to market halls. In case of flood it would be pushed by a tugboat to close port of Holešovice.  Due to apparent limitations of the vessel, you should not propose more gross floor area  than the original cargo area multiplied by three.

You have an unique opportunity to work for a very specific community, of which you are literally a part of, and explore the process of designing itself. Since ARCHIP is architectural college, its very own building could bear even more significance as a statement. Use your very own experience and consider your proposal as a research of possible ARCHIP´s future. There are reality-based spatial requirements, which should be satisfied, but you can formulate your ideas about higher education in general as well.