Architectual institute in Prague

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  • A private international university college of architecture
  • Accredited by the Ministry of Education
  • Situated in central Prague


Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) is the only college of architecture in Eastern Europe to offer a complete 3-year Bachelor's programme and 2-year Master's programme in English. ARCHIP started from the academic year 2011/2012 and provides a truly international environment with students representing almost 20 different nationalities.

The study programme is supported by many other activities, international contacts and events.




The plan to start a new international school of architecture in Prague was born in 2005 in a group of people around architect Martin Roubík (1949–2008).

ARCHIP is a private college operating with permission on state authority under Section 39 of the Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on higher education, taking the form of a decision of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic dated on April 29,2010 – 11002/2010–30.


ARCHIP’s premises are based close to the city centre, in a former printing workshop – providing an inspirational design environment.

ARCHIP Building
Entrance Hall
Studio space
Computer lab


Movie Theater "OKO"
Letná Orchards


ARCHIP benefits from being situated in Prague, whose architecture and urbanism have evolved for a thousand years; from Romanesque architecture to modern and contemporary buildings. Prague is reputed to be one of the most magnificent cities in the world, with a historical town centre that has been on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage sites since 1992.



Regina Loukotová
Jiří Šimice
Executive Director
Klára Doleželová
Vice Rector
Mária Topolčanská
Research and MA+U Programme Coordinator
marianna Pjechová
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Anna Hagarová
Academic Affairs Assistant
Jakub Křeček
Workshop Assistant
Samuel Muhsin
Public Relations


Jan Schindler
Architectural Design
Jaroslav Wertig
Architectural Design
Michal Palaščák
Architectural Design
Pavel Nasadil
Architectural Design
Elan Fessler
Architectural Design
Adam Gebrian
Introduction to Studies, Professional Ethics
Osamu Okamura
Project Presentation
Bára Šimonová
Architectural Design
David Neuhäusl
Architectural Design
Martin Duba
Architectural Design
Martin Gsandtner
Global Architecture and Design Studio
Shota Tsikoliya
Global Architecture and Design Workshop
Jaroslav Šafer
Professional Ethics
Luděk Brož
Henry Hanson
Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Ecology
Igor Kovačević
Urban Design
Paul Koch
Urban Planning 1-3
Radek Kolařík
Urban Planning 1-3
Zuzana Kuldová
Urban Planning 3
Petr Návrat
Urban Planning 1-3
Lukáš Vacek
Fundaments of Urbanism, Master Planning
Filip Blažek
Graphic Design, Project Presentation and Graphics
Barbora Chládková
Sculpture and Modelling
Andrea Thiel Lhotáková
Cory Benson
Building Technolog, Building Environment
Sean Clifton
Construction 2
Michele Corradini
Graphic Software
Ondřej Hofmeister
Sustainable Architecture, Contemporary Construction
Jan Holna
Architectural Detail
Hana Lakomá
Geometry, Mathematics
Klára Machalická
Load-Bearing Structures, Non-Bearing Structures
Lucie Mertlíková
Construction 1, Professional English
Petra Fialová
Construction 1
Jan Bažant
History of Architecture
Hana Benešovská
History of Architecture 1, History of Art 1, Monument Preservation
Helena Dáňová
History of Art 1-2
Vendula Hnídková
Modern Architecture
Michaela Janečková
Contemporary Architecture and Architectural Theories
Jakub Jirsa
Karim Rachidi
Preparing for Practice


Started in 2011, the ARCHIP Library is designed to assist and support college studies. The library’s collection of English-language publications contains professional architectural literature in the fields of architecture, building construction, urban planning and interior design. Related topics include historic preservation, environmental architecture, and land use planning.The documents are freely accessible in the Study Room of the ARCHIP Library and sorted thematically.

Opening hours

Tue 10:00–11:00 Wed 08:30–15:30 Thu 14:00–16:00 Fri 12:00–14:00 by appointment only


Františka Křížka 1, 170 00 Praha 7

Head librarian

Zuzana Scholzová



ARCHIP does not have its own campus or halls of residence. Students may apply for a place in the halls of residence of other universities – for example the AAAD dormitory, close to the college: As everywhere else, students may arrange for private rented accommodation.
Recommended services realestate.ex­  


As a condition of enrolment, all students are obliged to furnish proof of medical insurance (also a condition in the Agreement on Study), which covers all costs in the event of sickness, treatment and hospitalisation. We shall arrange health insurance for you, while you will be getting VISA sorted out. Please contact us via We cooperate with several insurance companies and we give you advice regarding insurance.

RMA Centrum (Dukelských hrdinů 17, 170 00 Praha 7), which has specialist physicians for common diseases and ailments, is the basic healthcare provider to students of ARCHIP. In the case of a more serious health condition, English-speaking medical facilities, e.g. the Canadian Medical Centre, or Nemocnice Na Homolce are available. 


The following numbers are available 24/7, the call is free and the service is English-speaking: 112 – general emergency line throughout the EU 150 – Fire Brigade 155 – Medical Emergency 156 – Prague City Police 158 – Police  


Prague has an extensive and efficient public transport system – metro, buses, trams; the student rates are very reasonable (especially the time-base travel cards).  


In the last twenty years, Prague has become a cosmopolitan city in which many nationalities study, work and live alongside each other. Please refer to the following useful reference and resource websites for more  


Students in the Czech Republic have the option of using various international students’ cards for discounts on shopping and services. The cards are useful and widely used for reducing the cost of living. ISIC is the most popular and widely used card of this kind, and the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status.