Jason Nam
former student (South Korea)

The sandbox environment of ARCHIP is ideal for experimentation. I feel that here I can really pursue my dream of studying design in a like-minded and inspiring community of people. During my time at ARCHIP, we started Design Disco, a student-run organisation that teaches high-school students about design. The faculty and the staff here at ARCHIP played a major role in getting this project off the ground, and have been supportive throughout. Our fellow students have also been a great help."

Ben James
former student (United Kingdom)

ARCHIP exposed me to new ways of thinking about architecture, the teachers and studio leaders constantly encouraged and challenged me to connect personal design interests with my academic pursuits; as a result, the school gave me both the training and platform necessary to pursue a variety of entrepreneurial architecture and design projects. Thanks to ARCHIP, I was able to co-found a design education non profit with my friend and fellow student, to intern with firms in London and Copenhagen, and to develop my own unique approach towards design which includes both technology and theoretical foundations.