Our Students' Trip to Venice

December 07, 2017
Our Students' Trip to Venice


Read our students' thought on how they enjoyed their Venice Biennale visit:


Really loved this trip, it was cultivating and bonding. It should be an annual event.

Sinan Birsel


About an incredible trip to Venice with nice company.
First of all, I want to say great thanks to Megi for this idea and trip organization. The trip was amazing, none of us wanted to go back to Prague, to our study). I was glad to forget about uni for those days we spent in Italy, and just enjoyed fascinating Venice architecture, narrow streets and delicious food, of course).
The Biennale exhibition was the main part of our trip, it was something new to me because I've never been to that kind of exhibitions before, there were lots of things you can touch or learn something more about what art actually is. In my opinion, we should organize more trips like this; it helps to know more about students you study with, to see something new, to learn more about architecture.
I've never been to Venice before and I'm in love with this small piece of beauty. Hope someday we'll visit this place one more time.Thanks to everyone who shared those days with me. It was such a good experience, and now I have only good memories.

Nadezhda Semashko


Amazing and truly one of the best school trips I had. Biennale was interesting, but I think it would be better if it were for architecture because most of the art there I didn’t understand.
But if ARCHIP creates a new trip for next year I will definitely be up for it!

Naida Osmandzikovic


Really fun and interesting trip. Biennale was fun, but not very helpful for our work at Archip. I think next year will be more helpful for us as architects. And it would be better if our groups were not that separated. I felt like we were split up into 2-3-4 groups the entire time. It would be fun to do at least a couple of meals or something all together. But overall Venice was amazing!

Simon Sjursen


I am so glad that an ARCHIP student, Megi, initiated this Venice trip. Not only was it successful and inspiring, but it brought us students closer together. It put us through multiple interesting situations in which we learned to work together and go through the good and the bads. Traveling is a huge enrichment, and I hope there will be more to come!

Bachir Benkirane


Inspirational, artistic, educative. Lots of different feelings left after exploring 57th Venice Art exhibition. The way artists showed their ideas and philosophy is impressive. Important is also the diversity, as artists come from different countries and each of them has a specific ideology.
Even if this year was an Art exhibition, I still believe it was beneficial for all of us. Looking forward to attending upcoming 2018 Architecture Biennale.

Megi Davitidze


Venezia is a city where culture, architecture and life get combined creating a dream urban feeling. For me, this trip was a refreshing weekend surrounded by the Italian culture which I love. Talking about Biennale I was amazed by some pavilions while others disappointed me; anyway this reminded me how free and different art is and in how many ways we can express it. The expression should be personal and diverse.

Isaac Marquez








Photos taken and reviews collected by Megi Davitidze