Places Around Our New Campus

January 15, 2018
Places Around Our New Campus


It seems nostalgic to let go of the eternal fight between Cobra and Bistro8, and you might feel that culinary life around DOX II, our new campus, will never be like the one around Strossmayerovo náměstí. Well, you should get rid of this sort of thinking right now, because we just moved into even more growing part of the Holešovice neighbourhood and there are even more awesome hipster places to discover just a few steps from our new campus.

Be it Vnitroblock, a space with cafe/bistro/design store and mini cinema that also hosts cultural events and food festivals, café Phill’s Corner and bistro Phill’s Twenty7, restaurant Avion58 or Paralerní Polis, which host interesting lectures and has a coffee place where you can only pay by bitcoin (they have a bitcoin ATM if you don’t have a spare one in your pocket :) ).



SIGNATURE store & café 

Divided into two parts, one side features a café with freshly roasted coffee and homemade soup and cakes, the other a concept store with original brands, sustainable fashion & interior design by European designers. Live DJs, art exhibitions, DIY workshops or interesting lectures every week.


A unique combination of dance, music and a friendly atmosphere located in an industrial hall where you can learn various types of street dances, modern dances and even ballet, taught by professional dancers. Are you a professional, beginner, a child or an adult? Doesn't matter! Join the Sector and let's dance!


Our mini cinema breaks the traditional concept of cinemas. The smallest and literally underground movie theatre in the heart of VNITROBLOCK. The mecca of real film lovers.

Tusarova 31, Praha 7 


Phill’s Corner

Carefully selected raw materials, pastry from the Danish bakery, sandwiches, smoothies, fresh juices, premium coffee, Moravian wines produced by Mr Osicka the winemaker, and much more. That is what you can enjoy with Phill’s corner every day. A unique space directly connected with the design shop provides an opportunity to spend time away from the reality of everyday life.

Be aware! They warn you on a tumblr-ish sign outside that they don’t have WiFi, but they actually do (and if you ask nicely they even give you the password)

Komunardů 32, Praha 7.  (cover picture of this article)


Phill’s Twenty7

The owners say: “Traveling and exploring inspired us to create a space, to which we could bring our best memories, experiences and joy. We want you to feel great no matter whether you’re sipping a morning coffee, having a proper brunch, quick meal during the day, a romantic dinner or wine with friends. We are here for you and we cannot wait to meet you!“. Cozy bistro with amazing soups will more than satisfy your taste buds and Instagram followers (neon signs and interior generally is very Instagram friendly).

Přístavní 27, Praha 7   



At the very beginning, there was only a vision. A vision of creating a place, where you can enjoy a delicious food, great beer or a glass of good wine. In the owner’s eyes, a delicious food is a fresh one, made from carefully selected ingredients. They guarantee you that the atmosphere in a building of a city brewery, established in 1895 will amaze you. 

Avion58, a restaurant styled in the golden age of aviation, opens at 8 o’clock every morning and invites you for a cup of coffee or a full-size breakfast. The lunch menu will satisfy you, whether you fancy experimental recipes or you would rather stick with the Czech golden classics. 

Komunardů 1584/42


Paralelní Polis

Decrypted what Paralelní Polis stands for by visiting bitcoin-only espresso bar Bitcoin Coffee. Inverted principle of the bar is based on opened and shared manufacturing process. The use of paper honeycombs represents the search for new possibilities of well-known materials.

Paralelní Polis also contains a coworking space called Paper Hub. Each and every member has the possibility to use, according to the extent of his or her's subscription (300 – 3000 CZK a month) any free spot in the shared working space, the office facilities (printer, scanner, copying machine, Wi-Fi, presentation technology etc.), a kitchen, a terrace and a possibility of hiring a meeting room at discounted charge. It is also possible to hire your own desk. The membership fees are paid in Bitcoin. They will be happy to instruct you how to use it and help you with the exchange.

Dělnická 43, Praha 7 


DOX café

And last but not least – the two places at DOX. For the first time, ARCHIP will have a on-campus café (located on level two). There is also a larger cafe and bistro at the DOX I. It has a huge summer terrace and serves wonderful cakes and quiches. In the building, it is right next to the design shop and art and architecture bookshop.

The unique bookshop at DOX is focused on art, architecture, and design, featuring a wide selection of books in both English and Czech. Inspiration and creativity in printed form. If you are looking for a particular book the bookshop staff will be happy to order it for you.

The design shop from Studio Qubus offers glassware, porcelain, lighting, interior design objects, and the works of the best Czech designers. In 2006, Qubus Studio received the award the Distributor of the Year, Czech Grand Design, and the next year, Maxim Velcovsky won the Designer of the Year (Czech Grand Design 2007). In 2008 The Academy of Czech design honoured DOX by Qubus with the prize CGD as a Distributor of the year 2008 again).

ARCHIP campus (DOX II)