9 Essential Prague Apps to Use Daily

August 15, 2018
9 Essential Prague Apps to Use Daily

1 — PID Info 

Your public transport app

A public transport app, developed by Prague’s public operator itself. A younger prodigal brother to the good old DPP Info app. Definitely more precise with the tram, bus and metro schedules and updates than Google Maps while faster and consuming much less data.

This apps finds you on the map and gives you the best (and easily customizable) public transport connection to your designated place of destination. It shows you the nearest tram stops, the nearest public transport departures around you or points you to the official ticket- and Lítačka-selling places. In addition to that, the app also helps you to buy the SMS ticket if you’re in a rush or knows about incidents concerning public transport.

For those that look over Prague’s horizon, we also recommend IDOS app, a public transport route planner for the whole country, including buses, trains and public transport in most of major cities.


2  Mapy.cz

Amazing maps for adventurers and hikers 

If adventure is what you seek or you just want to explore the beautiful scenery of Czech countryside, we recommend to download the Mapy.cz app. This Czech equivalent of Google Maps has, once again, something extra. Apart from being more detailed in more remote areas, it also offers an “outdoor” map – a great tool for all hikers and sightseers out there which includes the famous Czech hiking markers system as well as all sorts of points of interest that you might miss when on the trail.

The app also includes trip tips and is available offline if you’re not getting any service on your trip.


3 — Rekola 

Bikesharing app for urban folks

This is an app for all the urban hipsters and liberals out there. An easy-to-access bikesharing service, founded by a bunch of young enthusiasts who took some old vintage bikes, painted them pink and started locking them around the city. All that just so you can do a tiny bit for your health and see Prague from a different perspective.

While Prague is not exactly a biking-friendly city, there are neighborhoods, such as Holešovice (where ARCHIP is) that have streets broad enough to fit a cyclist paths or lanes in them. Through the app, you can find a bike that’s close to your location, unlock it and use it as long as you wish (it’s cheap – first 15 minutes are for free, then about the price of a metro ticket per hour). Make sure to bike safe and check the rules of Rekola – there are zones where you can’t park and you always need to make sure the bike is locked properly.



4 — Liftago Taxi 

Friendly alternative to Uber

You use Uber regularly and you have perhaps heard of Taxify, it’s cheaper and shabbier equivalent. But what if the Uber prices are high or you just feel like driving with a proper taxi driver and not a boy-next-door?

Liftago is an app based on a system similar to Uber but completely legal and still very easy to use. You find yourself on a map, input your place of destination and confirm. Unlike Uber, Liftago does not connect you directly to a driver but it gives you a number of different price offers from which you can select. A proper taxi (the one you selected) then comes for you and drives you wherever you want. You can pay in cash or with card, it’s up to you.


5 — Dáme jídlo 

The biggest food delivery network in Prague

Hungry but don’t feel like cooking? Dáme jídlo is a food delivery service covering almost any taste or cuisine that you may find in Prague and delivers almost everywhere. Wanna get a pizza for a movie night with friends? Or you’re more of a meat person and prefer a burger? Vietnamese? Thai? Mexican? Italian? Japanese?

Even though the waiting times may be longer during evenings, this is by far the easiest option of getting your meal out there. You may pay using a card or to the delivery guy at your door. If they mess up your order (which they usually don’t), the customer service line works great as well. If you want a shorter waiting time, try Wolt instead (you can use “ARCHIP“ promocode) – while they don’t deliver everywhere, they do to ARCHIP and they are faaaaast.

Don’t feel like grocery shopping either? Hermits among us can also try Rohlik.cz or Košík.cz for online ordering and delivery of grocery.


6 — Parkování 

A must-have for city drivers

Parking in Prague can be tricky when you don’t have a parking pass for the neighborhood you go to. Parkování is an easy-to-use app which shows you the parking zones around the place where you drive to so you can pick your parking spot in advance. While blue zones are only for residents, the other colors are pay-to-park zones which can also be done through the app. You can also ask the app to show you zones that are free at the moment.

What’s more, the app remembers where you parked (same as Google Maps) so you never forget where your car is.


7 — Bankomaty 

Find the nearest place to withdraw cash 

Map apps are surprisingly dumb when it comes to searching for ATMs. Perhaps you need a specific kind where the withdrawals are free for you. Or you just want to avoid the dodgy Euronet ATMs with all their traps. Bankomaty is an app that finds the closest places to withdraw cash in matter of miliseconds and offers clever search filters.

While Prague is generally card-friendly, there still are places that won’t take your card and in that case, this app will be a life-saver.


8 — ZnámýLékař 

Doctor reviews and appointment scheduling tools

Having a simple flu or needing prescription medication can turn out to be a real challenge in your new country of residence. This app, used by locals and expats alike, makes this challenge easier. Find doctors based on your location and read thousands of reviews so you know who you’re gonna meet and perhaps if he or she speaks English.

Some of the doctors also allow their patients to book an appointment online through this app. If you don’t feel like going to a hospital or quite expensive medical centers for expats, „A Doctor You Know“ is a great alternative.


9 — Portmonka 

An easy app for those on budget

Being on a budget is an integral part of being a student. Everyone has their own means of saving money – and sales-hunting and loyalty programme cards are two very common ways to spend less. Portmonka app is a handy lifehack which allows you to carry all your loyalty cards in your phone. Just scan your code and the app reproduces it next time you go to your local Lidl.

What’s more, this app also has a rich coupons section where you can find %s off basically anything around Prague from grocery to shoes to wellness.


10 — Swim Places  

A bonus app for hot summer days

Swim Places are somewhat a bonus pick for the scorching hot days of July and August. Need a pond or a lake to go swim to? This app specializes in swim places (duh) and offers reviews and sometimes detailed descriptions of how to get there or water quality.

Next to Mapy.cz, this is the app to have when going on a summer daytrip.