How to Prepare Yourself for Abroad

July 30, 2018
How to Prepare Yourself for Abroad

Studying abroad allows a person to go outside their comfort zone and immerse themselves into the culture around them. The anticipation I had before going abroad created so many different kinds of emotions for myself. Leading up, I was unsure of the experience I was about to embark on, while at the same time I was about to burst from excitement. The most important thing for myself before going abroad, was to focus on preparing myself.

Of course, there are the basic necessities that you need to get before going abroad. Make sure that you have more than enough of any prescription medication that you will need during your stay abroad. It is such a drag to run out of something that you need and stressing about about going to a doctor in a country that you are not fully comfortable in yet. Also, let yourself know that all of your toiletries that you are used to in your home culture, will most likely be not found abroad. Don't worry though, because there are similar products; but don't expect to find everything in the drug store that you would at home. When it comes to your wardrobe, pack accordingly to the weather forecast of your destination. Yes, you will end up buying clothes while you are abroad, but it is always easier to have the right clothes for the weather in which you will be abroad so that you do not have to stress, and you can be comfortable! These simple necessities are things to consider when packing for abroad.

Preparing your mind for abroad is also very important. Before going abroad I tried to put myself into uncomfortable situations in my home country. I wanted to do this so that I would have already been doing things out of my comfort zone so that it was not that hard for me to do abroad. Being open minded while abroad is key to success. I suggest to take in every opportunity and experience everything to the fullest, because this time will be one of the best months of your life. Take this experience to grow as a person, and customize your abroad experience to be everything that you pictured for yourself.

Good luck on your experience abroad! The opportunities are endless, and the first step to having a successful experience abroad is to prepare yourself.