Fusionism: a performance and an exhibition

July 26, 2018
Fusionism: a performance and an exhibition

Collective performative installation under the scope of 'FUSIONISM' will take place at the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč (Papírenská 6, Prague 6). The space becomes a "temporary autonomous zone", meaning that all audience are also actors, and all are free to do as they wish.

Fusionism is the movement of the 21st century, seamlessly bridging the existing barriers between all artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, light, sound, performance theatre, digital art, written/spoken word and music/sound. Its goal is to make the individual disciplines indecipherable from one another, fusing them together rather than separating them, thereby creating a multi disciplinary and multi sensory environment where artists are free to use anything and everything at their disposal

The event on July 12th is followed by Thomas Neuman's exhibition which lasts the whole summer up until September 4th.

See the Facebook events (performance evening | exhibition) and the exhibition website for more info.