Lynda Zein: The Real-Estate of War – From Destruction to Reconstruction

March 12, 2018
Lynda Zein: The Real-Estate of War – From Destruction to Reconstruction

Lynda Zein, one of our lecturers, will be hosting a talk "The Real-Estate of War: From Destruction to Reconstruction" at Prague's architecture focused gallery VI PER.

Be sure to attend if you are interested in the topic!

About the lecture:

Lynda Zein: The Real-Estate of War. From Destruction to Reconstruction

The lecture will present the correlation between the destruction of the city and the strategic or demographic interests, in the context of the Syrian war. It will discuss the targeted demolition of some parts of the cities of Homs and Damascus and its deriving ‘reconstruction’ projects. This ‘dys-construction’ business, in relation to the newly created ‘tabula rasa’ sites, touches upon questions of the heterogeneity of cities as well as their history and thus, collective narrative.

Lynda Zein is an architect and urbanist, focusing on questions of collective memory, space-time relations and gentrification. She studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and at the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, where she graduated in 2015 with the project ‘Homs, our Cities of Stories’, a digital participative map and timeline of Homs for archiving, externalizing and sharing stories related to the city. She continues on developing this project of a participatory platform and archive of memories related to the destroyed city, such as in relation with her article ‘A Real-Estate-Led Demographic Destruction in Damascus and Homs’ published in The Funambulist magazine in May 2017. Today, she is a lecturer at ARCHIP, Prague.

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