mmcité Trip

November 03, 2017
mmcité Trip


A school trip to the MM Cité factory will take place on 3rd November. More information at the Office.

Photos from the workshop can be found here.

About "mmcité"

mmcité is an innovative company and winner of numerous design awards that furnishes cities and companies (including Google) all around the world. It was awarded by Red Dot Award, Good Design, Czech Design and IF Design Award. recognised by ArchDaily and others.

One of its newest projects was described by Archiproducts:

mmcité never stands still, constantly moving forwards and searching for new opportunities for innovation. Hence it has introduced its latest prototype of the solar-powered bench, woody solar, which harnesses solar energy to power wireless internet and charging ports for portable electronic devices, in keeping with supporting renewable energy sources. The modern, designer bench is completely independent of external energy sources thanks to its two solar panels, and features two integrated USB ports and a Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of dozens of metres.

What does mmcité stand for?
We value our cities and so we constantly endeavour to make them beautiful wherever they may be.

Public realms are fascinating places where people meet each other and also experience the history of the city. We are really pleased that our design is directed towards something as interesting as urban areas. We can offer fine quality to all citizens and influence their taste. For mmcité, making street furniture is a cultural mission. We can completely change the face of the city by installing just a few small elements.

mmcité is not only a supplier of high-quality street furniture, our company is also a partner to all those who want to create something special within public spaces. Mayors of cities of all sizes, in the mountains or coastal areas, architects of small teams and large design institutions, construction companies of local or transnational importance – we address all of them with the aim of achieving the perfect project.

At the beginning, there is always a design sketch, a mere intention. The strong team of experienced and educated professionals create strong, high-quality products. Efficient functionality, careful processing and affordable costs are the main parameters that we monitor throughout the process. Modern design and distinctive expression represent a constant standard of mmcité.

We combine the very best materials, which are further continuously tested. We take advantage of two sources. On the one hand, our long-term experience, on the other hand, our constant effort to innovate the materials. Only the best is chosen. Functionality, durability and of course the price are the most important criteria for us.


Photo courtesy of mmcité