During the summer, we invite students from all over the world to participate in our Summer school. We usually offer a two-week programme for up to 30 students. Hosted at our school premises but also featuring a number of field trips, the structure of our Summer School programme embraces the ‘Vertical Studio’ approach, and is thus suitable for architectural freshmen and experienced students alike. It is aimed at introducing its participants to a chosen  topic and instructing them to tackle it from an architectural point of view. This year, we are offering two Summer Schools, one of them revolving around the theme of Cubism and the other one around movement. Read on to find out more!



July 26 – August 6


Ability to move is one of the fundamental aspects of human condition. We are fascinated by movement – we dance, run, jump and walk. We watch the animal kingdom and analyze the movement of animal species. We express ourselves in the arts with artifacts which move. We have invented technologies of movement – for transport, for work, for pleasure. “Kinesis” has been instrumental in architecture, too. From simple mechanisms of hinges, locks, which revolutionized our use of space, to lifts, moving pavements, ramps or moving bridges and roofs. And yet the potential of kinetics in architecture is yet untapped. We have reactive systems which allow to create comfort in our environments. We have developed tools for participation of occupants with artifacts or machines. The new needs for energy conservation, for balanced sustainable constructions will lead to a kinetic revolution in architecture, too. Buildings which close when they are not used and open when they are occupied, the cityscapes which rise and expand when needed and retract or retreat when empty, thus saving energy, space, wear and tear. This is not about machines, technologies and structures for their own sake – this is about human ingenuity, innovation and inventiveness in the service of human needs, dreams and poetry… paraphrasing nature, where the plants point and respond to the life giving light…

Diller Scofidio + Renfro: Shed New York (click on the image to view a video)

Ten Fold Engineering: Tree House (click on the image to view a video)


motionLab (click on the image to view a video)

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