Deadlines for ARCHIP (OUTGOING) students:

  • March 31 for studies for both Fall and Spring semester 2020/21
  • No deadline for internships/traineeships
  • September 16 for second round for studies – only for Spring semester 2020/21 (some of the universities, such as University of Nottingham will not be available in this round)

Deadlines for INCOMING students (both nomination and application):

  • May 31 for Fall semester 2020/21
  • October 31 for Spring semester 2020/21
  • If you need visa, note that the process (including accommodation) should be started as soon as you are admitted.

International office contacts:

Matěj Čadek, Coordinator

[email protected]
Office hours: as per arrangement.
Poupětova 3, Praha 7, 17000, Czech Republic

ARCHIP's Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS):