The deadlines for Outgoing students are as follows:

  • March 31 for all partner universities for both Fall and Spring semester 2019/20
  • September 16 for second round – only for Spring semester 2019/20


Below you can find more information on the Erasmus+ mobility programme for ARCHIP students as well as the PDF application form. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, try referring to the enclosed Erasmus+ guide or contact Matěj, our International Office Coordinator.

What is Erasmus+ and what are the benefits?

Erasmus+ is large educational platform launched by the European Commission which encompasses a number of activities. For university students, the most important one is the facilitation of student mobility between the programME and partner countries.

In short, the Erasmus+ program enables students to take a semester abroad at a partner institution of their home university. They keep being enrolled in their home university, obtain allowance that covers part of their expenses abroad and they do not have to pay tuition at the partner university.

When can I take the semester abroad?

ARCHIP students will be able to go abroad via Erasmus+ from spring 2018/19 on.

It is recommended to take the semester abroad in term 3, 4 or 5 of ARCHIP bachelor study plan. You can technically take the semester abroad in term 6 or during your master studies too – it might however result in extending your studies for at least one semester (but if you don’t mind, we don’t mind!)

Where can I go?

Program and partner countries include the whole European Union as well as some other European countries. 

Right now, our school has partnership with universities from the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Turkey, and the UK. If you have a university in mind, that you would love to go to but we don’t have a formal agreement with it, feel free to contact our international office and Matěj will do his best to make a formal agreement happen.

Please note, that some of the partner institutions do not offer a full architectural education in English so it is advised to check their English curriculum possibilities prior to applying.

For how long can I go?

If going abroad for Erasmus+, you have to take a full semester at the partner university. The allowance will cover your stay for 90–150 days. If you feel that you want to stay for another semester, it is technically possible (depending on scholarship funds and the agreement we have with the partner university) and you have to contact our international office at least 30 days prior to the indicated end of your mobility.

What are the tuition/allowance conditions?

Erasmus+ program offers a standard monthly allowance depending on your country of destination: (generally) EUR 350 for Eastern Europe, EUR 450 for Western and Southern Europe and EUR 510 for Scandinavia and the UK. Check the website of the Czech national agency (DZS) for updates. This allowance will be transferred to your account before you leave for your Erasmus+.

You don't have to pay any tuition at the partner university.

At ARCHIP, you'll have to pay the full tuitionseeing as you are still a student. However, if you have to extend your studies at ARCHIP due to Erasmus+, you’ll be charged proportionally for the credits you have to take in the additional semester.

How does the semester abroad work within the ARCHIP study plan?

There are two possible scenarios for this. You can either take the full workload at the partner university or take it easy but then extend your studies at ARCHIP for a semester.

When creating your study plan abroad, you should pick courses that are (somewhat) equivalent to the ARCHIP study plan. The way this works is that we will want you to pick the studio work (equivalent to our AD), and then two technical courses, two artsy courses and two socio-environmental courses. This will be individually consulted with our rectorate. If you manage to get credit from all of these abroad, congratulations, you passed the semester at ARCHIP as well.

If you feel like your Erasmus+ should be more of a life experience than an educational one, go for it. You’ll still have to take a studio work abroad (that’s obligatory) but then your workload depends on your preferences. On top of that, you can take anywhere between 0 and 20 credits worth of courses abroad (according to the rules of the partner university) and find ARCHIP equivalents using the same categories mentioned in the paragraph above. When you come back, you take the rest during your additional semester at ARCHIP and pay only for the credit proportion.

If you fail a course abroad, you can either try retaking it’s equivalent when you can back to Prague (if possible) or you can add that course to the list of courses you’ll have to do during your additional semester.

For individual requests, e-mail Matěj Čadek, our international office coordinator.

Which deadlines should I keep an eye on?

The deadlines for Erasmus+ applications for the spring semester can be found above. For the fall semester the deadlines will be around the end of March. However, the sooner you apply, the less stressful the admission process at a partner university will be (it is possible that you'll have to supply the partner university with other documents and your portfolio).

Also note that some of our partner institutions requirements may include various language certificates which should be obtained in advance.

How are student applications evaluated?

The application forms can be found below in a pdf format. Please fill them and either deliver them to Matěj or Marianna at the office in person or send them via e-mail to our international office. Please, stick to the deadlines since they were designed according to the requirements of our partner universities.

Please make sure to fill in your preferred partner university. If you are unsure which may suit you the best, visit the respective websites or come ask.

The applications will be evaluated based on criteria similar to the extraordinary scholarship: school results, creative accomplishments and extracurricular activities and school representation will play a role. ARCHIP board has the right to make exceptions. The four best applicants will be selected for the Erasmus+ exchange for spring semester 2018/19. In case you are selected but your first partner university preference was already taken by a student above you on the list, we'll be happy to nominate you to your second (or third) preferred university.

Note that once you apply, you commit to go through the Erasmus+ exchange at one of the preferred partner universities. In the undesirable event of cancellation, we will be happy to ask other students who have applied to proceed with the exchange in your place.