July 26 – August 6 2021

This year's summer school bears the title "Redesign a waiting room" and tackles the topic of architecture and health, the latter having become a very ever-present matter especially with the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic. Its organizers – the architects Jerry Koza and Jakub Kopecký – have chosen a relatively unexplored subtopic of waiting rooms, often forgotten places where the world of health professionals meets the world of us, patients. As part of the summer school, participants will design an existing waiting room, transforming this overlooked and often unpleasant area for the better.


During the summer school, several lectures will take place. These will be held by inspiring popularizers of the aforementioned topics, the well-respected Czech surgeon Tomáš Šebek and architects from the Czech architectural studio A1 Architects. Moreover, the participants will be able to enjoy excursions to interesting medical facilities (such as the Dr. Pírek Clinic in Mladá Boleslav or the Museum of Hygiene in Dresden).

At the end of the two-week summer school, the participants will be expected to come up with a project aimed at redesigning a specific waiting room in the General University Hospital in Prague. With help from the summer school's organizers, they will also create a manual to be used by other medical facilities interested in reconstructing their waiting rooms.


Organizers of our Summer School – architects Jakub Kopecký a Jerry Koza

The Summer School will be led by an acclaimed Czech designer Jerry Koza and an emerging Czech architect Jakub KopeckýKoza is, among other things, known for designing a unique armchair Kotrmelec which was included in The Czech 100 Icons Project aimed at presenting the best pieces of Czech design and style made in the last hundred years. He is also the co-founder of the Atelier SAD which focuses on cross-disciplinary work on architectural projects of all scales and typologies. Kopecký recently finished his Masters, having studied at Czech Technical University in Prague and subsequently at the Technical University in Liberec. He has varied experiences of working in the architectural field both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


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 * There is an administrative fee of 1000 CZK (40 EUR) for participation in the summer school (the price includes a 14-day workshop without transport and accommodation, it includes lessons, lectures, and consultations).


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