The following students graduated from ARCHIP in 2018:

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Alyksyenko, Vladyslav from Ukraine

Balić, Ines from Croatia

Benkirane, Bachir from Morocco

Bnana, Blqees from Libya

Dosmir Kyzy, Aziza from Kyrgyzstan

Fornaleva, Alina from the Russian Federation

Horobynska, Olha from Ukraine

Jeong, Yujin from the Republic of Korea

Karpacheva, Elizaveta from the Russian Federation

Lemus Bird, Hedy from Guatemala

Lhote, Mathilde from Norway

Lipskij, Daniel from the Czech Republic

Marquez, Isaac from Mexico

Meland, Marie from Norway

Mukhamadrakhimova, Aziza from Uzbekistan

Pershina, Margareta from the Russian Federation

Pershina, Victoria from the Russian Federation

Pocinek, Michal from the Czech Republic

Redčenkov, Michal from the Czech Republic

Shovikova, Yelizaveta from Ukraine

Suter Winter, Kazimir from the United States

Tok, Genevieve from Singapore

Yeloyeva, Oleksandra from the Russian Federation