Our approach:

We believe that the role of architecture lies in responsible cultivation of the human environment. Although every detail matters, there is a hierarchy of importance, a relationship between detail and the whole that an architect should be aware of in his work. The less important must be able to obey the more important. This applies to architecture in general,  to its aesthetic as well as pragmatic aspects, to all its scales: the human settlement should honor the nature, city district should honor the city, a house should honor a street or a square, a window should honor a house, a door-handle should honor a door... However, this chain of values is interlinked and might work also reversely as kind of a butterfly effect.


Our aim is to guide students to be able to recognize and to be aware of this hierarchy. We would like to motivate them for confident yet rational approach, to help them to resist the temptation of unfounded ostentation, to believe in human mind and hand, to celebrate everyday life also in its most ordinary expressions.