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Astrological clock visit

November 7 , 2023

Students of AD studio motionlab01 had a unique visit to the clock machinery powering the main Astrological clock at Old Prague Town Hall. They saw the famous Apostles` display, and unique moving figures on the facade of Prague’s `Orloj`.

The most informed commentary was provided by academic sculptor Peter Skala, who is a specialist for clockwork mechanisms and restores and maintains the clockwork at Orloj, St. Vitus’s cathedral and other important buildings. It was a fascinating story of the original idea of a public mechanical clock with an astro-dial by Mikulas of Kadan and professor Sindel from 1410 (!) with the later addition of the calendar clock. Moving statues are from the 17th century and the Apostles were added in 1866.

Not many people have an opportunity to see the complex and updated mechanical part of the moving elements..  The Studio`s thanks for this opportunity go to the Magistrate of Prague and to L.Hainz s.r.o. company.