During the summer we invite students from all over the world to participate at our Summer School. We usually offer a two-week programme for up to 30 students. Hosted at our school premises but also featuring a number of field trips, the structure of our summer school programme embraces the 'vertical studio' approach. It is thus suitable for architectural freshmen and experienced students alike.

Last year, Markéta and Barbora from COSA Studio took the students on an interdisciplinary journey to explore the limits of architecture in their own original programme, the Outer Limits. This year, the award-winning designer architect Jerry Koza and Jakub Kopecký, one of our studio assistants, will share their ways of how to interlace architecture knowledge with product design.

Check out his year's Summer School 'Cubical City: Discover Prague through Czech Cubism' in more detail here. Or click the 'APPLY NOW' button bellow if you already know you are insterested!





PRICE: EUR 900 without accommodation / EUR 1300 with accommodation

ACCOMMODATION: Student housing accommodation in walking distance from ARCHIP will be provided.

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