During the summer, we invite students from all over the world to participate in our Summer school. We usually offer a two-week programme for up to 30 students. Hosted at our school premises but also featuring a number of field trips, the structure of our Summer School programme embraces the ‘Vertical Studio’ approach, and is thus suitable for architectural freshmen and experienced students alike. It is aimed at introducing its participants to a chosen  topic and instructing them to tackle it from an architectural point of view. This year, our Summer School revolved around the theme of Cubism. As it proved to be very successful, we decided that our next year’s summer workshop will, once again, be dedicated to Cubism.

Next year's Summer School is entitled 'Cubical City 2: Discover Prague through Czech Cubism'. It invites its participants to explore the interrelations between architecture and design in the context of the everyday. Moving through the city of Prague, the students will examine seemingly invisible elements of architecture and think about their implications and purpose.

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