ARCHIP Summer School: the Outer Limits

April 03, 2018
ARCHIP Summer School: the Outer Limits


Our Summer School is prepared in cooperation with C4NC (Centre for Next Crafts) and consists of five programmes, each directed at a different perspective on design. 

Learn more about the programmes and how to apply here! Summer school brochure can be found at the bottom of this page. For updates and pictures, please see our Facebook page. Following is our summer workshops offer:


Outer Limits:
Exploring the limits of architecture

July 23 - August 3 2018

Architecture is closely connected to rethinking social and cultural norms. How is it possible in the field of architecture to develop an unusual solution to the usual situation? We will introduce ideas exceeding established outer limits of architecture, touching the fields of politics, society, conceptual thinking, space and working conditions.


Alien City, Feral City:
Future scenarios design in urban context

August 6 - August 17 2018

When we talk about the future of our urban environment we usually talk city planning from a top-down human point of view. But already today we share our everyday environment with a manifold of subjects including machines and microorganism.  


Immersive spaces:
Design process in Virtual Reality

July 23 - August 3 2018

Participants will be guided through the recently available VR tools related to design processes. We will learn how to create quick concepts in VR, use them as traditional 2d illustrations, practice how to create fully immersive VR experiences of our designs in the real-life scale. 


“Smart” Contracts with Humans & Things:
Design for Blockchain & IoT

July 23 - August 3 2018

How to design for a world where conversations and contracts happen instantly between people, things and non-humans (plants, animals, rocks) constantly exchanging data? Your car will know where it can park, but it can also report you to the police if you break any rules. Your strawberries will discuss their pesticides content and origin with your supermarket, and your refrigerator will block your credit card in a junk food restaurant if the elevator reports that your gained weight.


From lollipops to wearables: 
Open hardware design with soft and flexible circuits

July 23 - August 3 2018

Participants will learn how to design with open hardware by experimenting with basic circuits on flexible materials, textiles, encased in candies, silicon molds and hot glue.