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Prokop / Kurilla Studio



“During our architectural studies, our deep passion for digital technologies led us to become experts in generative design. We welcome challenges with unknown solutions, for they hold the promise of the revelation of interesting discoveries and the acquisition of new knowledge.

Each architecture is a prototype and embodies a unique approach to its design. We can introduce you to various design methodologies, diverse approaches, and effective workflows (and we will do that), but the journey to discovering architecture and its essence lies within your own exploration. It is your personal journey.

Our mission is to guide and inspire you, helping you broaden your perspectives and sharpen your vision. Together, we will embrace unknown challenges and discover viable solutions.”

Lukáš Kurilla has been an Architectural Design studio co-leader since Spring 2023.

He is an architect, researcher, and tutor. As an academic guest at the iA chair at ETH in Zurich, he cooperated in developing a simulation toolkit for urban design. Later, as a doctoral fellow in the Block Research Group at ETH in Zurich, he focused on structurally informed design and form and forces optimization methods in the early design phases.

In cooperation with structural engineers, he has developed an interactive structural analysis tool, Donkey – Grasshopper plugin. The goal of this tool is to help architects understand the structural behaviours of their designs and to support their decision-making during conceptual design phases.

Šimon Prokop has been an Architectural Design studio co-leader since Spring 2023.
He is an architect, tutor and a lifetime musician. In his master’s thesis, he researched intersections between architecture and music in the context of sketching and musical improvisation. His PhD research investigates new methods of using voxel geometry together with generative design principles in the context of untrained people expressing their design ideas in 3D. Together with Martin Klusák and Jan Rybář Šimon developed a parametric light scenography for a theater / contemporary music piece called PET(m)use which premiered at FA CTU.
Lukáš and Šimon co-founded coding(ARCH).

It is a parametric and generative design consulting studio – which helped studios like Steven Holl architects, XTEND design, Black n’ Arch, DAM architects, but also companies like ŠKODA auto, LEGO, 3Dees, Preciosa.

They have many years of experience teaching at the Faculty of Architecture at CTU in Prague, including studio and various courses related to generative design, and as researchers focusing on the intersection of architecture and gamification or serious gaming, as well as AI in design and different analytical and design tools.

They both have many years of teaching experience at FA CVTU, including consulting in the experimental studio FLOW, where novel design strategies, concepts as well as innovative materials are explored. As teachers of CAAD Scripting, they lead students to customize their digital tools in order to create their own digital workflows.

The experimental and playful process of such teaching in the studio Kurilla-Prokop is also demonstrated by the developed Urbhex educational serious board game about bottom-up strategies in urban design, and later its iteration SquaredStories game about public spaces. And in cooperation with CIIRC CTU, they are developing a floorplanning AI-based tool not only for architects.