Our approach:

“Here, students work on conceptually-driven architecture projects. As they go along, they learn the theory and practice of architectural design in optimal balance. We emphasize working with models and free-hand drawing. In the development stage of the project, our focus is on abstraction and dialectical reasoning; we encourage the process of discovery through the practice of architecture.
The studio follows a cumulative method of development - 'from the inside-out’, which consists of a series of bi-weekly assignments and desk discussions through which the concept is developed and refined in a series of steps, each adding more scale and complexity to the project.
This extended, dialectical structure of the studio is a process of working through the project from multiple perspectives, through layers and scales; this cultivates multi-dimensional reasoning applied to a specific situation and site. The aim here is to embody and represent an elemental meaning with clarity and purpose as a form of Architecture … to situate ideas into the world.“