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Wertig / Kopecký studio



“A studio is not a factory for the production of architects. An architect is not a sum of technical, artistic and humanistic skills. To become an architect essentially means to have a passion for architecture as a whole, regardless your individual inclinations. It is impossible to transfer any information, experience and knowledge. A studio must guide and support students through the ever-changing process of design. Conceptual and critical thinking is crucial. Formal skills without hard work and love for the discipline are useless.”

Jaroslav Wertig has been the Chair of the Architecture and Urban Design Studio since 2011.

He is a practising architect. Together with Boris Redčenkov and Prokop Tomášek, he founded the Prague-based A69 architects twenty years ago. Their design work covers a broad range of projects from interior design to private residences, family and collective housing, public buildings, healthcare facilities, offices, etc. Their work is regularly published.

Jakub Kopecký has been since 2018.

He is an architect with a Prague-based practice. He attended faculty of architecture in the Technical University of Liberec and during his study he had taken part of Erasmus exchange at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia in Vasa Perovic studio.