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GoRo Award Winners!

May 21 , 2024

The jury for this year’s GoRo (Golden Roubík) Award were Yvette Vašourková, Julie Maddox, and Jakub Klaška. After reviewing all students’ projects from each studio, the winners and finalists for Best student project and Best studio, were announced at the end-of-the-semester party at Cafe Neustadt.

Finalists were Adam Abdulhameed for ‘Village No Sprawl’, Jakub Misař for ‘Vyšehrad Spaces’, Lubin Gandillot for ‘Troglodyte Bohdalec’, and Simon Moricz for ’The Albertov Hub’.  

Third prize went to Táňa Eisenbergerová from Fessler-Drahotova studio for ‘Living River City’. Second prize went to Maria Frías from Wertig-Kopecký studio for ‘U Zeleně Lofts’.  And the GoRo award went to Zoe Harrow from Tsikoliya-Janků studio for ‘The Space Between’. While winner of the best studio was Wertig-Kopecký studio, for the topic of Empty Houses.

Congratulations to all!