ARCHIP does not have its own dormitories. Our students are thus left with a number of options which are listed below. The prices of housing in Prague are generally not as high as in Western Europe, nonetheless they are steadily rising and we would recommend our new students to start searching for accommodation as soon as possible since the good or budget-friendly offers are gone early.

    Approximate price: EUR 250–300 / month.
    Our students may apply for a place in a dormitory of another university. The standard of living may vary and it is common that dorms are situated on the city outskirts or that two students share a room. Some of the dorms may, however, have an option of a single room and are sometimes located in beautiful historical buildings in the centre or the broader center. If applying, do note that some of the dormitories give priority to their own students.

    We recommend the Academy of Arts dormitory in the hip quarter of Letná (some 30 mins from the school). Other options include CTU dormitories or Charles University dorms.
    Approximate price: EUR 400–600 / month.
    A number of modern student housing places opened up recently which usually target foreign students. Their comfort and facilities are better than dorms, but they also are more expensive and you need to book them in advance – although the booking process is definitely easier than if you rented a regular private room or flat from a local. Always be cautious when sending money to these facilities in advance – below, we recommend one of them which we know is good and trustworthy and ARCHIP uses it for student exchanges.

    ARCHIP has been in a long-term partnership with the Zeitraum Student Housing which has several locations around Prague. They offer newly refurbished modern facilities where the staff speaks English and you live in a community with other international students.
    Approximate price: EUR 300–500 / month.
    Want to live like a local? Try renting a private apartment or move in with other students. The prices are going up pretty fast but there are still student flats that promise a lot of fun and a chill vibe for as low as EUR 300 per month. Again, be very cautious when sending deposit or rent to someone (a landlord or a fellow flatmate) before meeting them. Even though the public transport network is great in Prague, we would still recommend staying in the broader center (e.g. Karlín, Žižkov, Vinohrady, Nové město, Smíchov, Malá strana, Vyšehrad, Podolí, Nusle and more).

    It is common that you pay a deposit before you move in (usually one month's rent, sometimes double). The rent is usually paid monthly and it sometimes does not include fees for amenities (e.g. the electricity, internet connection, water and more), depending on your landlord.

    When searching for accommodation, we recommend consulting the following sites and services: Student Room Flat, Spolubydlící, Expats Real Estate, Happyhouse Rentals, Casamundo CZ. Expat, international and Erasmus Facebook groups may be a great source of information and offers as well.


If you are a non-EU citizen, you may need a proof of accommodation for your visa. You can find the form attached below so that if the facility does not provide the confirmation automatically (some dorms as well as student housing facilities send it directly to the embassy using an official data storage), you can ask them to fill it out for you. This may be tricky and take longer with a private rented accommodation.